Park Cattle

Speckle Parks, the beef cattle breed created in Canada, are now an internationally sought after breed. They are a carcass orientated yet maternal Pure Bred (not a composite), breed of beef cattle. They are Polled and British Bred originating from Canada. Speckle Parks are moderate sized. Mature cows range in weight from 600 kgs. to 850 kgs. and mature bulls 1000 kgs. +. Calves average 30 to 40kgs. at birth and wean off at about 230kgs. to 370+kgs.


Speckle Park cattle come in a variety of colour patterns. They are predominantly black with white top line and underline, with speckled hips and sometimes shoulders and with a black or black roan face. The second colour pattern is the leopard pattern. It is similar to the speckled pattern but there are definite black spots on the animal instead of just speckles. The white animals with some black hair on the body are considered ‘leopards’. The third colour pattern is the ‘white’ pattern. The white animals have white hair on the body and face but have black points. i.e. eyes, ears, nose, and hooves. The fourth is solid black. There is a percentage of blacks. The solid black heifers are registrable and can be used in the purebred herd, but the bulls are registrable but cannot be used in the purebred herd.





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