Honey bees play an essential role in agriculture, not only producing honey, beeswax and propolis but also pollinating a vast number of food crops.

Beekeeping is a unique primary industry, depending on native flora for about 80% of its production.

From the process of harvesting to bottling our honey, we maintain a minimal amount of handling and filtering, keeping the honey as pure as coming out of the hive. With no heating or filtering, we create a unique product that is natural and unprocessed to capture the fullest flavours of our local regional flora.
Honey being such a diverse product, can be used for a multitude of things besides eating. Known as a medical remedy and helping with healing the sick.






Wild flower is a mix of beautiful Australian flora, creating a unique taste from the region. This flavour can’t be duplicated as it specific to the Flora surrounding the bees. Boasting lovely textures and flavours. Mazzra prides itself on sourcing honey which is produced by its local region. 




Grown on Lavender fields, Bees are placed strategically to collect honey direct from the aromatic flowers, Making for a lovely flavoured honey with a rich colour.



Yellow Box

Produced from Yellow Box trees (Eucalypt Melliodora) meaning honey scented Eucalypt. These trees are a beautiful shape, graceful, with drooping branchlets, very picturesque, growing in gullies, mostly out of flood reach.





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